How to send files from Google Drive

How to send files from Google Drive

Google controls our Internet life? You could almost think so as you only need your own Google account for many things. With it, you can manage all kinds of services like Gmail, YouTube, Docs, Calendar or even Google Drive – and Google Drive in particular is a practical solution to the question of how you can send files and share them with others. In the following section, we will discuss what Google Drive is, how it works, how to send files from Google Drive and what other options you have.

Sending files from Google Drive

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a file hosting service, also known as a cloud service. The provider provides storage space (the cloud) on its own servers for uploading files like e.g. backing up or rectifying the memory of your mobile phone or PC, or to send and share files from Google Drive.

Users can use up to 15 GB of storage space free of charge. However, this memory is also used by Gmail. So, if you want to send particularly large files, Google Drive is not necessarily suitable – at least not in the free version. Additional storage space of up to 30 TB can be purchased for a fee. You can access Google Drive not only with your PC, but also with macOS, Windows and Linux clients. If the program is to be used via Android or iOS, this is possible via a separate app.

Google Drive: Upload files

You can access the Google Drive cloud over the Internet or via the mobile phone app. In the program itself, you only need a few simple steps to upload files:

  1. Click on the colored plus in the upper left corner (it says “new” next to it). A separate window will open.
  2. Here, you can now choose between the items “Upload file” or “Upload folder“.
  3. Mark the files or folders to be uploaded on your end device and confirm your entry.

Now all marked files or folders are uploaded to the cloud, where they are immediately available.

Google Drive: Send files

All files you have uploaded are now displayed in your clipboard. If you want to make them accessible to others, you can send them directly from Google Drive. You have two options for this:

  1. You share the files with other people who also have a Google Account and can access them through their account.
  2. You generate a link that you send to the recipient. The recipient must also have a Google Account to access the files.

You can also assign additional rights. For example, you can specify that anyone who has the link can view, edit, or comment on the files.

Sending files from Google Drive – but how?

Open “My Storage” in Google Drive. You’ll see all the files and folders you’ve uploaded. Now right-click the file you’d like to send. A window will open where you can select the menu item “Get link to share”. Then you only have to edit the “Sharing settings” by clicking on it, opening a new window.

At the top, you now have the possibility to edit link sharing, copy the link to the clipboard or enter the names or e-mail addresses of the recipients directly. If you want to send the link directly by email, this recipient will also need their own Google Account. Alternatively, you can copy the link and forward it in a separate e-mail or via WhatsApp.

TransferXL – The alternative to Google Drive

Cloud services usually have a few things in common: you need the program or app and an account to use it. The person who is to receive the files must also have an account to access them. This is not the case with TransferXL, meaning this service can be seen as a real alternative to Google Drive.

To use TransferXL, all you need is an Internet connection. Visit the website and upload your files or folders directly on the homepage. You will then receive a link that you can pass on. No app, no account, and up to 5 GB of storage – what could be better? If you even want to send up to 200 GB, you can also take out a subscription with TransferXL.

The most important questions and answers about Google Drive

What do I need to use Google Drive?

You must have your own Google Account or you won’t be able to use the service. The recipient of the data must also have a corresponding account.

How can files be uploaded to Google Drive?

Relatively easily by selecting the appropriate files on the Google Drive interface. These must, of course, be available on your end device.

What storage capacity do I have on Google Drive?

Google Drive provides a volume of 15 GB free of charge, which is also used by Gmail. Extensions are possible for a fee.

How can I send files from Google Drive?

You can send files and folders by clicking on them, granting the appropriate sharing rights and generating a link. You can then share this link or send it directly by e-mail. Anyone who has this link can now view, comment on or edit your files.

Is there an alternative to Google Drive?

TransferXL works similar to Google Drive. Files and folders are also uploaded to external servers. The only difference is that you don’t need a separate program or account for file sizes up to 5 GB. You simply upload the data online on the website from any device and from anywhere in the world. Thanks to numerous servers, the transfer is done in seconds. End-to-end encryption ensures that everything is completely secure and only the person who has the link and a password generated by you can access the files.