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Data Protection

  • In which country are the servers located?

    You can choose in which country the servers should be. The following locations are available:

    • USA (Virginia)
    • Asia (Singapore)
    • South America
    • Europe (Germany)

    Europe is preselected by German customers.


  • Can I cancel my subscription any time?

    Yes, you can cancel your subscription from your Subscriptions page at any time with one click.

  • Why should I use a custom domain or background?

    Using a custom domain and/or background you can personalize TransferXL, so it will be more familiar to your clients.

  • What is the difference between custom domain and custom subdomain?

    A custom subdomain is a personalized subdomain under like A custom domain can be any domain to which you own the rights to. Contact us for information on how to setup.

Technical Issues

  • Why does my upload/download not work?

    It can happen due to a variety of reasons on your side:

    • Upload speed is very slow and the upload is aborted.
    • Upload takes a while and the computer is going to sleep mode (either automatic or the user switches it off).
    • Problems with browser plug-ins.
    • Sometimes you need a zip program to open the files. Make sure you use 7Zip (Windows) or The Unarchiver (Mac) to extract the zip file. Unfortunately, standard unzippers on OS X and Windows do not support Zip files larger than 4 GB.