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  • Where can I keep track of my file transfers?

    All your sent and recieved file transfers are listed in your transfer history. To view your transfer history, just log into your profile (upper right corner) and scroll down to view your timeline. Or hit the ‘History’ button in the bottom center of the screen.

    On the left hand side of the screen you will see all uploads that you have done over the past. Each upload can be edited (e.g. delete files) by clicking on the transfer, unless the upload has already expired.

    The right hand side of the screen shows any transfers that have been sent to you (as a downloader). These too are nicely listed here from newest to oldest. Just press any download (unless expired) in order to download it. In case you have not yet downloaded a transfer it will be listed as ‘NEW’. So you can easily see which transfers are the ones that you haven’t downloaded thus far.

    Transfer history


  • Where can I delete my account?

    You can delete the account by clicking on “Profile”. At the very bottom there is a button “Delete account”. Please note that if you delete your account, all your data will be deleted from our servers and also your transfers will no longer be available for the recipients!

  • How can I reset my password?
    1. Click on ” Sign in”
    2. Click on “Forgot your password?”
    3. Enter the email address of your TransferXL account and click on “Reset password”
    4. You will then receive an email with a link where you can enter a new password

    A forgotten encryption password cannot be reset.

  • How can I edit/change my e-mail address for my TransferXL account?

    It is not possible to change the e-mail address in the account. If you no longer have access to your old e-mail address, you must create a new account with your new e-mail address.

Data Protection

  • What are the benefits of choosing the server location?

    If you’re traveling in the US but don’t want your files to be stored on servers in the US, just switch to “Europe” and upload your files. Also, if you know your recipient is located in another region of the world, you can speed up the download by entering their region or their closest region.

  • Can I also send the transfer password protected?

    Yes, TransferXL supports end-to-end encryption for file transfers:

    1. When uploading the file, first click on the settings (cog icon).
    2. Select the encrypted transfer. A random password is generated. Alternatively, you can choose the encryption password yourself. Note: Make a note of the password in a safe place as it can no longer be viewed after the upload.
    3. Start the upload.
  • In which country are the servers located?

    In the settings, you can select where your transfer is physically stored under “Storage region”. By default you will end up at the storage region that is closest to you (in technical terms, closest in terms of lowest latency). However, you can easily change the region manually. The following locations are available:

    • USA (Virginia)
    • Asia (Singapore)
    • South America (São Paulo, Brazil)
    • Europe (Germany)

    Data storage at TransferXL


  • How do I delete my file transfer?

    To delete a file transfer, select it in your TransferXL history or in the confirmation email and then click on “Delete transfer”.

  • How many GB of data can I send per transfer?

    With TransferXL you can send data volumes of up to 5 GB per file transfer free of charge and without an account. With our paid plans, you can even send up to 200 GB per file transfer. You can find more information about the transfer limit in our Plans & Pricing.

  • How long is my file transfer available?

    For free users, file transfers can be accessed up to one week after upload. With our paid plans, file transfers are available for up to 3 months after upload. Further information on the availability of file transfers can be found in our Plans & Pricing.

  • How many files can I send per day?

    You can send as many files as you like for free, up to a total of 10GB per day. With our paid plans, you can even send up to 400GB per day. The daily limit is updated every 24 hours. You can find more information about the daily limit in our Plans & Pricing.

  • Do I need an account with TransferXL to download a file transfer?

    No, you do not need to register for a TransferXL account to download file transfers.

  • My transfer has expired. Can it be restored?

    Unfortunately, we cannot restore expired transfer files as they are deleted from our servers after expiration.

  • Can I send complete folders via TransferXL?

    You can also send complete folders with files via TransferXL. To do this, you need to drag and drop the folder into the upload field in Chrome or Firefox and the complete folder content will be uploaded.


  • How can I update my payment method?
    1. Click on “Subscription” in the top right-hand navigation
    2. Open the self-service portal for subscriptions
    3. Select “Payment methods”
    4. Click on “Edit payment method” and enter your new payment method
  • How can I edit my subscription?
    1. Click on “Subscription” in the top right-hand navigation
    2. Open the subscription self-service portal.
    3. Select your subscription
    4. Click on “Edit subscription”.

    You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription. The change will take effect at the end of the current subscription period.

  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription by clicking on your profile name in the top right corner and then on “Subscription”:

    1. Open the “Self-service portal”
    2. Select your subscription
    3. Click on “Cancel subscription”
  • Which payment methods do you offer?

    You can pay for your subscription by credit card, direct debit or Google Pay. Other payment methods are currently not possible.

  • Can I cancel my subscription any time?

    Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time via “Subscription”. It will then expire on the respective expiration date (monthly or annually).

Technical Issues

  • I cannot open the received zip file. What can I do?

    Sometimes you need a zip program to open the files. Make sure you use 7Zip (Windows) or The Unarchiver (Mac) to extract the zip file. Unfortunately, standard unzippers on OS X and Windows do not support Zip files larger than 4 GB.

  • The recipient has not received the e-mail with the download link. What could be the reason for this?

    Sometimes it can happen that the email with the download link of a file transfer ends up in the spam folder of the recipient. You can see the download link of a successfully uploaded file transfer in the timeline of your TransferXL account and copy it for resending.

  • Why does my upload/download not work?

    TransferXL uses 100% of your bandwidth to provide you with the best possible upload speed that is possible with your internet speed.

    If the upload or download fails or is very slow, this may be due to the following reasons, among others:

    1. The upload/download speed of your internet connection is too slow. Make sure that you have a sufficient Internet connection that enables fast data transfer.
    2. If the upload takes longer (e.g. when transferring particularly large amounts of data), your device switches off or goes into energy-saving mode when inactive, which can lead to the upload or download being aborted.
    3. Sometimes the browser you are using can also affect the file transfer. Make sure that your browser is up to date and that no browser plugins are installed that could negatively affect the upload or download. If necessary, restart the browser or use incognito mode.
    4. Antivirus programs or firewalls can also prevent uploading or downloading.