PDF creation & sending made easy – The ultimate guide

PDF creation & sending made easy – The ultimate guide

PDF documents have become an integral part of today’s digital world. Whether in the office, at university or at school – they offer a reliable and universal way of exchanging and presenting documents. TransferXL, your expert for sending large files, shows you how you can easily create and send PDF documents and provides practical tips for everyday (working) life.

Create PDF

What is a PDF document?

PDF stands for “Portable Document Format”. It is a format that was developed to store and share documents in a way that is independent of software, hardware or operating systems. PDF files can contain text, images, hyperlinks and much more.

The great advantage of PDF documents is their universality and consistency. They look the same on every device and are ideal for sharing documents professionally and securely.

Create PDF files on your computer

Using PDF printers

PDF printers are a simple and efficient way to create PDF documents from almost any application. They work by acting as a virtual printer on your computer.

Installing a PDF printer: Choose a PDF printer software such as Adobe Acrobat or a free PDF printer such as PDFCreator. After downloading and installing the software, the PDF printer will appear as an option in your “Printers” menu.

Printing a document as a PDF: Open the document you want to convert, select the “Print” option and then select the installed PDF printer as your printer. Once you start the printing process, you will be prompted to select a location to save the PDF file and your document will be saved as a PDF.

Using online converters

PDF converters are particularly handy if you want to convert a document quickly and without installing any software. Websites such as Smallpdf offer the option of converting files such as Word documents, images or scans into PDFs.

Create PDF files with iPhone

Create PDF via the “Notes” app

  • Open the “Notes” app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the icon for a new note.
  • Add the text, images or drawings you want to include in the PDF.
  • Tap on the share icon (a square with an arrow pointing upwards).
  • Select “Create PDF”. The iPhone converts your note into a PDF.
  • You can then save the PDF or share it directly using various options.

Create PDF via “Camera” or “Photos” app

  • You can take a photo of a document or image and save it directly as a PDF.
  • Open the Camera app and take a photo of the desired document.
  • Open the photo in the Photos app and tap the share icon.
  • Select “Print”.
  • In the print preview, use the two-finger zoom gesture on the photo to turn it into a PDF.
  • Then select “Save PDF” or share it.

Create PDF via third-party apps

There are numerous apps in the App Store, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Scanner Pro, which offer additional functions for creating PDFs.

Create PDF forms for filling out

Adobe Acrobat

  • Open Adobe Acrobat and select “Tools”.
  • Select “Create form”.
  • Decide whether you want to convert an existing document into a form or create a new form.
  • Acrobat converts your document into a PDF form and automatically recognizes text fields.
  • You can add additional form fields such as boxes, drop-down menus or date fields.
  • Save the form and it is ready to be filled out.

The procedure is similar for other PDF editors.

Online tools

There are online platforms such as JotForm or PDFescape that allow you to create PDF forms directly in the browser. These tools are often intuitive and require no installation, but may not offer as many features as dedicated software.

Tip: When creating PDF forms, it is important to ensure a clear structure and ease of use for the end user.

Editing PDF files

Editing PDF documents with the appropriate PDF editors can range from simple text changes to the insertion of images.

Editing text

  1. Open PDF file: Open the PDF document to be edited in an editor (e.g. Adobe Acrobat).
  2. Activate edit mode: Activate edit mode to change text. In most programs, there is a button or option to switch to edit mode or text mode.
  3. Edit text: Click on the text you want to edit. Now you can add, delete or change text. Many editors also offer functions for adjusting the font, size and color.
  4. Save: Save the document after editing so that the changes are retained.

Editing images

  1. Image editing mode: Select the image editing mode in the PDF editor.
  2. Insert images: To insert a new image, select the corresponding option and navigate to the image you want to insert. Place it in the desired position.
  3. Edit images: Existing images can be moved or resized. Click on the image and drag it to the desired position or change the size.
  4. Remove images: Select an image and delete it if it is no longer required.
  5. Save: Don’t forget to save your changes.

Change page order

  1. Open page view: Open the page view in your PDF editor, in which all pages of the document are displayed.
  2. Move pages: Select the page you want to move. Drag the page to the desired position in the document.
  3. Check changes: Check the new order of the pages to make sure it is correct.
  4. Save: Save the document to save the new order.

Create table of contents

  1. Table of contents tool: In your PDF editor, select the tool to create a table of contents.
  2. Create entries: Add entries for each chapter or section. You can manually enter titles and assign the corresponding page number.
  3. Add links: You can add hyperlinks to individual pages for better navigation.
  4. Customize layout: Customize the layout of the table of contents according to your wishes (e.g. font, size).
  5. Save: Save the document to include the table of contents.

Note: Please note that the exact steps and options may vary depending on the software used.

Sending PDF files

Sending by e-mail

Sending PDFs by email is a quick and easy way to share documents. Simply add your PDF as an attachment in your email. Pay attention to the size restrictions of your email provider.

Cloud storage service

If your PDF is too large for an email attachment, you can upload it to a cloud storage service such as Dropbox or Google Drive and share the link to the document in your email.

Dropbox: Upload your PDF to Dropbox and share the link with the recipient. This is a secure and efficient way to share larger files.

Google Drive: Google Drive offers easy integration with Gmail, making it easy to share PDFs, especially within the Google ecosystem.

Pay attention to file size, especially when sending via email. Use compression features to reduce the size. Also consider security when sending PDFs: encryption and password protection are recommended to protect sensitive information.

Sending large PDF files with TransferXL

TransferXL offers an optimal solution for sending large PDF files. The platform is specially designed to send large files, such as large PDF documents, efficiently and securely. TransferXL is characterized by the following advantages:

  • Free file sending up to 5 GB: Unlike many email services, TransferXL has no strict file size limits: Files up to 5 GB can be sent with the free versions.
  • Easy to use: TransferXL’s user-friendly interface allows users to upload and send files with just a few clicks or via drag & drop.
  • Security: TransferXL ensures the highest security standards with optional end-to-end encryption.
  • Speed: TransferXL’s use of advanced technologies ensures that files are transferred quickly.
  • Tracking: Users receive information as soon as their files have been downloaded by the recipient.

Creating and sending PDF documents is an essential part of digital communication in business and education. With the right tools and knowledge, office workers, students, teachers and pupils can benefit from the efficiency and security of the PDF format. TransferXL helps you share your PDF documents quickly and securely.

FAQ about PDF documents

Which programs can I use to create a PDF?

There are various programs and tools that you can use to create a PDF. Examples include Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Google Docs and online converters such as SmallPDF.

Can I create a PDF directly from a text document?

Yes, you can create a PDF directly from a text document. Most word processing programs such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs offer the option of saving the document as a PDF.

How can I insert images into a PDF?

To insert images into a PDF, you can use a PDF editing program such as Adobe Acrobat. Open the program, select the option to insert images and drag the desired images into the PDF document.

Can I create a PDF from several files?

Yes, you can create a PDF from several files. There are various ways to do this. One option is to use Adobe Acrobat, where you can merge several files into one PDF. There are also online converters that offer this function.

How can I create a PDF with password protection?

To create a PDF with password protection, you can use a PDF editing program such as Adobe Acrobat. Open the program, select the option to add password protection and enter a password. This will protect the PDF from unauthorized access.