Send large videos – all possibilities at a glance

Send large videos – all possibilities at a glance

Technological advances have now made it possible for anyone, anywhere to share voice recordings, photos and videos to keep friends and family up to date. However, the maximum file size varies from provider to provider. Sending large videos with every provider is therefore not possible without restrictions. You can learn more about the different ways to send videos and what you need to consider here.

Send large videos

Send large videos – with WhatsApp

Naturally, the most used app in the world also has a feature to send large videos. With the Messenger app, sending videos is free and can be done spontaneously and easily while chatting.

However, the whole thing also has disadvantages: For one, the maximum size of the video is limited to 16 MB. However, videos on a smartphone already consume an average of 12 to 20 MB per minute – so the maximum is quickly reached. Another things is that the possible video formats (MP4, MKV, AVI, 3GP and MOV) are also limited.

In addition, a maximum of ten videos can be sent simultaneously. Sending large videos is only possible with WhatsApp if the videos have been reduced in size with the appropriate apps. This means that users must not sacrifice the quality of the videos.

What you also need to know: WhatsApp is part of Facebook. This means that as soon as you send large videos via WhatsApp, Facebook is free to use your images. While the rights remain with you, Facebook reserves the right to retain usage rights to your images. This would allow Facebook to advertise your videos, which is due to the data being uploaded to US servers, where the legal situation is different.

Send large videos – by e-mail

You can, of course, also send videos by e-mail. However, the size of the videos is usually limited to 25 MB. This limit is quickly exceeded if you have more than one video. If you still want to send videos by e-mail, you can compress the files in a zip folder. If you decide to use this option, you will also need an appropriate program.

Send large videos – with clouds and filehosters

Clouds and filehosters function like virtual hard disks that are available at all times when there is an active Internet connection. Usually, you have to create an account to use the service and download the appropriate app on your smartphone. On a PC, uploading to the cloud is also possible in the usual way via your browser using drag and drop. Known providers are:

However, sending large videos is not without risk here, either. In order to make videos available to other people, they must first be uploaded to the cloud.

The providers do have numerous security measures in place, of course. However, if access to the uploaded files is required for legal reasons, the file host is obliged to hand over the files.

As a general rule, clouds and filehosters can never guarantee 100% that the security measures will not be circumvented. Even if it is very unlikely, it can never be completely ruled out that unauthorised persons will gain access to uploaded files.

Moreover, with most clouds and filehosters, the upload is only free of charge up to a certain file size.

Send large videos – free with TransferXL

You must be asking yourself if there is a way to send videos:

  • without compressing the videos first
  • without having to register separately
  • without taking security risks
  • without regard to file formats
  • without being limited in terms of size and number of files
  • at no cost

There is: With TransferXL, you can send videos up to 5 GB for free – all you have to do is enter a recipient and select the appropriate file. If the file is more than 5 GB, you can send up to 200 GB with a Pro or Enterprise subscription.

TransferXL also takes care of the compression of the files and encrypts them before the video is sent. Additionally, you will receive a notification when the recipient has received the videos.

And you don’t have to worry about security risks. TransferXL already encrypts your files on your computer and additionally secures all data with end-to-end encryption.

The most important questions and answers about sending large videos

How many MB can be sent with WhatsApp?

The messenger app WhatsApp sets a maximum file size of 16 MB.

Is it possible to send large videos by email?

Most email providers limit the attachment size to 25 MB. You have a little more leeway if you compress the files before uploading them.

Can I use a cloud to send large videos?

In that sense, you don’t send videos when you upload files to a cloud. The files are in the cloud until they are deleted. During this time, authorized users can access the files.

How does TransferXL work?

After you open the TransferXL website, select the videos you want to send using Explorer or drag and drop. Then add both your and the recipient’s email addresses in the address field. Last, but not least, you can add a message and finish by clicking on “send”.