Sending large videos – simply, quickly and securely with TransferXL

Sending large videos – simply, quickly and securely with TransferXL

In the age of digital communication, sending large video files is a common challenge. Whether for professional presentations, creative projects or personal moments, the need to share large videos quickly and easily is ubiquitous. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the various methods for sending large videos and presents TransferXL as the optimal solution.

Send large videos

Different methods for sending large videos

Sending large videos – by email

Sending videos by email is possible, but there is a size limit of usually 25 MB. This limit is quickly reached, especially if several videos are to be sent. One solution is to compress the files in a zip folder, but this requires an appropriate program.

Sending large videos – with clouds and filehosters

Cloud services and file hosters act like virtual hard disks and usually require you to create an account and download an app on your smartphone. On a PC, uploading is possible via the browser. Well-known providers are:

However, sending large videos is not entirely risk-free here either. This is because videos must first be uploaded to the cloud in order to make them accessible to other people.

Although these services offer security measures, it cannot be completely guaranteed that they will not be circumvented. In addition, providers must grant access to uploaded files in the event of legal claims.

As a general rule, clouds and file hosters can never guarantee 100% that the security measures will not be circumvented. Even if it is very unlikely, it can never be completely ruled out that unauthorized persons will gain access to uploaded files.

The free upload is usually limited to a certain file size.

Sending large videos – with WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the world’s most widely used app, offers a function for sending large videos. This is free and easy to do while chatting. However, there are restrictions:

  • The maximum video size is limited to 16 MB
  • Only certain formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, 3GP and MOV are permitted
  • A maximum of ten videos can be sent at the same time
  • For larger videos, prior compression is necessary, which can lead to a loss of quality.

It is also important to note that Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, may retain usage rights to videos sent via WhatsApp, as the data is uploaded to US servers.

TransferXL: The optimal solution for large video files

Simplicity and efficiency

TransferXL allows you to send videos up to 5 GB free of charge and without registration. For even larger files up to 200 GB, TransferXL offers Pro and Enterprise subscriptions.

Security and confidentiality

With encryption of files on the computer and end-to-end encryption, TransferXL guarantees the highest level of security and data protection.

No compromises on quality and format

TransferXL automatically compresses the video files during upload without any loss of quality. All common video formats are supported.

Tips for video compression

Compressing videos can significantly reduce the file size, making them easier to send. Tools such as HandBrake or Adobe Media Encoder allow users to reduce the size of their videos without significantly affecting the quality. Users can adjust parameters such as bitrate and resolution to find the perfect balance between file size and image quality.

TransferXL supports this process by automatically compressing the video files without losing quality, which is particularly beneficial for users with limited bandwidth or storage space.

Choosing the right video format

Choosing the right format is crucial for the efficiency of video distribution. Formats such as MP4 are universally applicable, while AVI or MOV can offer advantages for specific applications.

TransferXL simplifies the process by supporting a variety of video formats, allowing users to send their videos in their preferred format without worrying about compatibility issues.

Data security during video transfer

Importance of data security: When sending large videos, security is an essential aspect. Encryption technologies protect the privacy and integrity of the data.

TransferXL ensures that the transferred videos are protected by advanced encryption methods, ensuring a trustworthy and secure transfer process.

FAQ on sending large videos

How large can videos be for sending via WhatsApp?

WhatsApp limits video size to 16 MB. Compression is required for larger files.

Can I send large videos by email?

Yes, but most email services limit attachments to around 25 MB. For larger files, compression or use of a cloud service is recommended.

Can I send videos in any format with TransferXL?

Yes, TransferXL supports a variety of video formats and allows you to send videos without loss of quality.

How secure is sending videos with TransferXL?

TransferXL guarantees high security standards by encrypting the data during transmission.

Is there a file size limit with TransferXL?

With TransferXL, files such as videos up to 5 GB can be sent free of charge. Sending larger video files is possible with the TransferXL Pro or Enterprise subscription.