Sending music – it’s easy, legal and fast

Sending music – it’s easy, legal and fast

Nowadays, mobile phones and PCs are not just used to send messages, photos and videos, but also to send audio files, such as music, with just a few taps and clicks. However, before you share music with your friends, you should check the respective terms and conditions of the provider. Music may be shared with close friends applies. However, there must be a relationship between these people. Distant acquaintances or friends of friends usually fall out with this. You should therefore never share the link publicly, like on Facebook, for example, or name it too obviously. There are several ways to send audio files to a recipient, and it’s very easy because the files are not very large. An mp3 file with a resolution of 64 kBit/s and in 44 kHz stereo (= radio quality) is about 0.5 MB per minute. This fis much less than a video, for example.

Sending music

If you use the Messenger service, you can send music via WhatsApp, legally and quickly. Of course, you should have purchased the music legally so you can share the files with your friends. The files can be up to 100 MB in size – and you can fit a lot of music in there. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the contact you want to send music to.
  2. Tap the paper clip next to the message box, and then tap Audio.
  3. Select the files you want to send and send them.

Can’t send music using WhatsApp? Then it could either be because the file is too large or you are using an iPhone. This is because iOS-based devices don’t allow you to easily send music via WhatsApp as iOS devices encrypt music. To be able to send music, you need the app Jailbreak.

Can you send music via Bluetooth?

If there are two devices in close proximity, you can send music from A to B via Bluetooth. To do this, locate the music track in the file manager, click Send or Share, and select the device you want to send the file to. Both devices must have Bluetooth enabled.

If you have an iPhone, you will have another problem because sending from iPhone to iPhone does not work without an additional app (like Hoccer). Another transfer option, such as to a Mac or to a web service, does not work at all with iOS.

Sending music by e-mail

Another possibility is to send audio files by e-mail. As already mentioned, file sizes are limited, so it’s a lot easier to send music by e-mail than videos, for example. With free “freemailers”, the file sizes are between 10 and 60 MB when sending files by e-mail, but the average size is 25 to 30 MB. Up to 100 MB can be increased with paid providers. To send music by e-mail, simply open a new message, address it and attach the audio file – just like text files or photos.

Sending music with TransferXL

If you would like to work without an app, avoid the possibility that delivery might not work at all or if the recipient is not within reach, TransferXL offers a fast, convenient and secure way to do it. The sending of audio files is done in just a few steps:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on File Upload and select the music you want to send.
  3. Decide whether you want to send by e-mail or generate a transfer link.
  4. Send the file.

Generating a download link is probably the most ideal way. Even while uploading, you will be shown a link which you simply have to pass on. Together with a password (end-to-end encryption), the recipient can access your files from anywhere. By the way: you can upload up to 200 GB with the fee-based Pro and Enterprise accounts. You also have 5 GB at your disposal free of charge and without an account, so you don’t have to observe certain MB limits.

The most important questions and answers for sending music

Can I send music?

If you bought the music yourself and there is no copy-protection, it is perfectly legal to give music to friends or relatives. The legal situation is different for copy-protected files.

How can I send music through WhatsApp?

WhatsApp lets you send music just like you send photos or videos. The paper clip next to the message box is the tool for selecting audio files. You can send up to 100 MB via WhatsApp.

How can I send music via Bluetooth?

Both devices must have Bluetooth enabled and be in close proximity. You can now send music tracks by selecting the respective target device.

How does the sending of music via e-mail work?

The same way as sending all other files. Simply attach the audio file to an e-mail.

Why are there problems with Apple devices?

Apple encrypts music and prevents easy sharing. With a few apps, you can work around this.

Why is TransferXL a good alternative for sending music?

With TransferXL, sending music is very easy. You can send up to 5 GB for free, you don’t need any apps, you have no limit in the MB range and you don’t have to connect to the target device. Just upload the files you want online. With a generated link, the files can be accessed from anywhere. Do you want to send a lot of large music files? The chargeable Pro and Enterprise accounts offer you up to 200 GB data volume.