Send pictures online: What are the options?

Send pictures online: What are the options?

If you take pictures, you want to show them. Whether it be photos from your last holiday, the first pictures of your child or just a snapshot in between – all these photos should also be seen by friends, relatives and acquaintances. Perhaps you have held photo sessions at home or organized a slideshow in the past. Today, this can be done with just a few clicks in a few seconds. No matter where the recipient is located, they can view the photos shortly after sending them. This article will show you the possibilities you have when sending pictures online.

Sending pictures online

Send pictures online – with social media

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest – who doesn’t have an account with social media? Facebook alone has almost two billion users worldwide. So not only can you stay in touch with friends, you can also send them pictures. Go online, upload photos – done. The only requirement is that you and the recipient, of course, have an account.

When you upload your photos directly to your profile, you are already visible to your followers or friends, and even everyone else. If you don’t want that, you can assign the rights accordingly in your personal settings. This way, you can decide for yourself who should and shouldn’t see your pictures. The advantage of social media: you can upload as many pictures as you like.

The big disadvantage, however, is that you allow Facebook to use your pictures freely. This means that while you don’t give up the rights to your images, Facebook & Co. are still allowed to use your images on advertising posters or use them in other ways – which is completely legal. This is because many of the servers are located in the US and the rights situation in the States is different.

Send pictures online – with photo communities

Picasa, Flickr – you’ve certainly heard these names before. These are so-called “photo communities” that allow you to share your photos with others. You can send pictures online directly to the community page, where you have your own website. Create photo albums and decide who can see your photos. Viewers must also have an account on the respective platform, of course. Here, too, you have an almost unlimited opportunity to upload pictures. However, since January 2019, Flickr has introduced an upload limit. Now you can only upload and share 1,000 images per account – the premium offer for more than 1,000 data is subject to a fee.

On Flickr, you can upload images with a Creative Commons license. CC licenses allow other users to creatively edit or copy your images.

For the Picasa platform, the operator has granted Google image rights. The images may not be used without permission, but Picasa’s license agreement states that Google may share images and information with third parties.

Sending images online – via cloud provider

Even if you use cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple iCloud or Microsoft OneDrive, you can still send pictures. You need to be online as well since you need a direct connection to the cloud. The photos are stored in your virtual memory. You can then share the files and send the recipient a link so they can view or download the photos. You will need an account yourself, of course, and the recipient usually needs one as well.

However, the storage volume is limited with such services. Dropbox, for example, gives you 2 GB for free, and you can increase your storage space up to 16 GB by recruiting members. Google Drive offers 15 GB, while Microsoft OneDrive and Apple iCloud only 5 GB in the free area. If you need more storage, there is a charge.

Send images online – with TransferXL

Sending pictures online

Is this all too much trouble for you? Do you want to send photos even easier? With TransferXL, the Internet offers you an ideal way to do this. No account, no costs, secure, fast and without complications.

The advantages:

  • With TransferXL, you don’t need an account to upload your photos for free. You can upload your photos directly online – from your PC or mobile phone. You will then receive a link that you can pass on. The recipient can then view your pictures.
  • The file transfer happens in no time at all. This is ensured by numerous servers that can be found and selected from all over the world. This way, it doesn’t matter whether the recipient is in Germany, Spain or Australia.
  • A limitation in data transfer is also given with TransferXL. 5 GB are free of charge. If you create a paid Pro or Enterprise account, you will have up to 200 GB upload volume. You can even send one or two more pictures.
  • Security is a top priority. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, only people who have the appropriate password along with the link can view your photos.
  • Further advantages are the simple administration, the timeline in which you can find a record of your uploads, and last, but not least, thanks to thumbnails, you have everything at a glance.
  • TransferXL has no image rights to your images – the rights remain with you.

The most important questions and answers for sending images online

What do I need to consider when sending pictures in social media?

The settings in your account are important. Make sure that not everyone can see your pictures, but only those to whom the photos are directed. This requires that the recipient can see the pictures; the recipient must also be a member of the respective social network.

What advantages do photo communities have?

Here, you get your own page within the community and can send your pictures online. Create photo albums to keep a better overview. Remember to review the rights so that only selected people can view your pictures, and once again, the recipient must have an account with the same photo community.

What does a cloud offer me when I want to send pictures online?

A cloud provides you with storage space to which you can upload your pictures. With a link, you can then “send” the photos to the recipient. Generally speaking, the recipient must also be registered with the cloud service. The recipient then has access to the data via the received link. Please note: storage capacities are limited and are usually between 2 and 16 GB for the large services. An extension is possible, but usually costs something.

Why is TransferXL the best choice?

Because with TransferXL, you neither need an account nor do you need to be a member of a community. You simply upload your photos from your PC or mobile phone directly via the website. Then you receive a link that allows the recipient to access your photos. This is why TransferXL is an easy, fast and secure way to send pictures online. You only need an account for the Pro or Enterprise versions.