Delete file transfer: How to remove already sent files

Delete file transfer: How to remove already sent files

Oops, you’ve just completed the upload of your transfer, and now you realise that you have sent the sensitive stuff to the wrong person. A download email is on its way, sweat is breaking out… What to do?

Unlike some other solutions out there, we at TransferXL care about this. You do not need to be worried for a week or so that you will get a (now) ‘dreaded’ download confirmation email (which is otherwise a pretty darn nice feature, isn’t it?).

Instead simply go to the ‘You transferred’ email that you will have received, hit the ‘Manage upload’ button and go to the website. On the ‘Manage transfer’ page simply hit the ‘Delete transfer’ button and your transfer will be deleted immediately.

This easy and handy feature will set you back at ease!

Of course if you are using the History timeline, then you will see all uploads that you have done. And you are able to go to the Manage transfer page for each and every one of them in order to delete them.

So happy transferring in the knowledge that, even if you make a mistake, TransferXL has you covered.