Care where your transfers are stored?

Care where your transfers are stored?

Do you care where your transfers are stored in the cloud? Well, we at TransferXL do.

So instead of vaguely storing your important files somewhere into the “cloud”, we give you control over where the files in your transfer are stored. See this for yourself at storage region.

Here you can select where your transfer will be physically stored. At the moment four options are available:

  • Europe (Germany)
  • USA (Virginia)
  • Asia (Singapore)
  • South America (São Paulo, Brasil)

By default you will end up at the storage region that is closest to you (in technical terms, closest in terms of lowest latency), but you are free to change it to whatever you like.

So if you are travelling in the USA but would not like your stuff to be stored on USA servers, simply change to Europe for instance and do your upload.

As an alternative, if you know your downloaders are going to be in another region of the world, why not speed up the download for them by uploading into their region?

We will be adding even more regions in the future, so stay tuned!