WeTransfer alternative – send large files easily, quickly and free of charge with TransferXL

WeTransfer alternative – send large files easily, quickly and free of charge with TransferXL

There are plenty of alternatives to WeTransfer, Terashare or Wikisend. Online file sharing provides you with the possibility to send larger files free of charge by e-mail to selected recipients. With many providers, however, you will quickly encounter restrictions: either you have to pay for additional recipients or storage space, or you have to register to be able to send anything at all. Transfer XL recognizes these problems and offers users extra freedom to send large files – safely and easily.

WeTransfer Alternative

What are the similarities between TransferXL and WeTransfer?

With both providers, you upload larger files to send them by e-mail to one or more recipients. The type of file does not matter. Both providers do not store the data on a cloud in the long term, but only use it to send files.

Since the data is not stored, the files can only be downloaded for a limited time via the link. Thus, the link is available for seven days with TransferXL, as with WeTransfer, and expires automatically after that.

No registration is required to send files via these services. It is sufficient to enter your e-mail address and that of the recipient in order to send data.

In the first instance, there are no costs for the users of these providers. Providers such as WeTransfer offer additional options for more storage space or more recipients which are subject to payment. TransferXL remains free for the basic features.

Why is TransferXL a good WeTransfer alternative?

In addition to the same basic functions as WeTransfer, TransferXL offers a few more practical features.

One of the big advantages of TransferXL is that all basic features are free of charge. Files up to 5 GB per transfer can be sent for free with TransferXL. You can send 10 GB per day for free. So you can just as easily send 15 images or 4 GB of video material.

Send your files to as many recipients as you like. With TransferXL, you will receive a confirmation of receipt as soon as the download of the sent files has been completed. TransferXL offers an easy-to-use, straightforward process to send your files. With just a few clicks, your files are on their way.

TransferXL instead of WeTransfer – a secure alternative?

Data protection is a top priority at TransferXL. With the end-to-end encryption of files you can set up additional password encryption. This ensures that your files end up in the right hands. To ensure even more security, send a separate message to the recipients to tell them the password.

For your own security, you can choose the server that temporarily stores your data. Would you like to use a German, American or Asian server? The choice is yours!

How do you register with TransferXL?

As an alternative to WeTransfer, TransferXL offers the possibility to set up a free account, for example, to track the history of files already sent. This is especially convenient if you send files very frequently. This way, you can keep track of your transfers.

You can also create public links with an account that you can share or embed on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or on your private website. You can also send the links to various contacts via e-mail or WhatsApp. Simply click “Log in” and link to one of the specified accounts, or you can register by e-mail address.

However, you do not need to register to use the main features. Your e-mail address and that of the recipients is sufficient enough to send your files encrypted and fast.

How to send large files with TransferXL

TransferXL makes sending large files very easy. Simply drag and drop your files or folders and move them to the upload folder. The simple user interface speeds up the sending of your files.

Once you have selected all your files, all you need to do is enter your e-mail address and that of the recipients. This is how fast and easy you can send files with TransferXL. Optionally, you can add a message to the recipients before sending.

Compressing (zipping) the files is not necessary beforehand. Your files are automatically compressed each time they are uploaded to TransferXL. This allows you to send larger data even faster and easier.

The most important questions and answers about TransferXL as WeTransfer alternative

How can data be sent via WeTransfer?

On WeTransfer, you can send data up to 2 GB without registration. The data is uploaded to the website by selection or drag & drop. A link to the documents stored in the cloud is sent to the recipient, so only you and the recipient have access to your photos or other files.

How much does TransferXL cost?

All basic features and the sending of files up to 5 GB are free. There is also no registration necessary. Your e-mail address and that of the recipient are sufficient enough to send files quickly and easily.
With TransferXL, you can also pay to activate additional features such as more sending volume, your own domain or custom wallpapers. However, the main features are free of charge.

What is the maximum file size?

With the free version, you can send files up to 5 GB in size at once. You have two transfers of a maximum of 5 GB each per day.

How are the files encrypted?

TransferXL automatically encrypts your data after sending using end-to-end encryption. This means that only you and the recipients to whom you have given the appropriate password for the transfer can access the data.

What is the difference between WeTransfer and TransferXL?

The difference is that with TransferXL, you can upload up to 5 GB for free instead of 2 GB. In addition, TransferXL lets you choose the country of the server where you upload your files, giving you more security. Plus, TransferXL automatically compresses your data.