Size does matter

Size does matter

The data that we generate continues to explode with one of the main drivers being increased use of digital videos. New trends are constantly developing, to name just a few:

  • Ultra high resolution video in the form of 4K where 1 hour of footage is about 30 GB (and even 8K is already there)
  • Drones are becoming ever more popular and generate huge amounts of photos and videos
  • GoPro action cameras creating adventure videos at high resolutions

The old days

Whereas just a few years ago we were burning DVDs (or remember CDs before that?) and mailing them in order to transfer data. Imagine having to transfer a 25 GB high-res movie splitting it over 5 of 6 DVDs… Left aside the cost factor of buying a stack of DVDs and the shipping costs of FedEx. This requires some serious effort and knowledge, both on the part of the sender to create the DVDs and on the part of the receiver to regenerate the original data.

No limits

You need a solution that can transfer data without any limits that is easy to use and takes less time.

That’s why TransferXL does not constrain the maximum size of a transfer. This prevents complicating your transfers by e.g. having to split your data, use USB sticks, etc.

Another advantage that TransferXL offers is that there is no need to a generate a ZIP file upfront. This doubles the required harddisk space which especially for large transfers is cumbersome because in order to do a 25 GB transfer of a directory with a lot of stuff you need (at least) 25 GB free disk space.

TransferXL allows you to drag and drop a directory and create the ZIP file on the go while still uploading all of the contents. Also after the transfer is completed there is no need to delete the ‘dangling’ ZIP file.

Start sending your large transfers

Therefore, go ahead and send your large transfers with TransferXL and let us know what you think.


To be fair, TransferXL does have a limit of 5 TB (terabyte) for the maximum size per transfer. This is roughly the equivalent of a 1000 DVDs and we have yet to see a transfer out in the wild that comes even close to this limit.