No more need to zip upfront

No more need to zip upfront

Did you know that you can use drag and drop to transfer files? Simply drop a selection of files or directories anywhere onto the page at TransferXL and the files will be added to the transfer. Fill out the email address of the recipient, hit the Transfer button and your transfer is on its way.

Note that for directory support you will need to use the Chrome browser (other browsers do not support drag and drop for folders), and in this case the full contents of the directory will be transferred. So this includes any subdirectories (and sub-subdirectories, etc.) and all files contained within it.

This is super handy if there is a large tree of stuff that you need to transfer, no more need to zip this in a separate step upfront, wait until the zip file is generated, and then finally send the zip file (and don’t forget to delete the zip file once the upload is completed, otherwise it is just eating up disk space).

Instead just dump the directory onto TransferXL and you are good to go!

Happy transferring.